River Cruise

The Batavia Haven offers modern and many facilities for river cruise ships. At the moment we offer 4 powerlocks (400A each) and three bulk pipes for drinking water (40m3 per hour per pipe). The quays are tailored to the height of the ships and thus offer the guests a simple and safe entry and exit. The professional port service is happy to assist the crew in mooring and connecting electricity and drinking water systems. If necessary, a tugboat is available to assist with mooring.
On request a 9-person bus is available for the crew. There is control on the port entrance and the mooring sites are equipped with camera surveillance to ensure the safety of the passengers and crew. There are sufficient parking places for buses and in bad weather the buses can pick up and drop off the passengers right next to the ship.
We expect Lelystad Airport to open in 2020. And do not forget: the port dues are low and there is no tourist tax in Lelystad.

Urk, Enkhuizen, Amsterdam, Elburg, Harderwijk, Kampen, Giethoorn, Zwolle and much more


The Batavia Haven is very centrally located in the Netherlands and both over water and over land very easily accessible. This makes the port itself not only easily accessible, it is also the perfect location for making trips to various cities with their tourist attractions. Such as Harderwijk, Kampen, Elburg, Urk, Giethoorn and Zwolle. The buses to transport passengers can park easily and very close to the ship. There is hardly any traffic jams so short travel times to and from the port are possible. This makes the Batavia Haven not only an attractive destination port but also and especially the ideal turnaround port for cruise passengers in the Netherlands. At the moment, the port is able to host six Rhine cruise ships at the same time. Next to the harbor you will find approx 300 long term parking places both for cars and buses (€ 3,50 a day)